Evolve the I to better the world peace


Our main teacher Indian yogi Vijay Gopala travels the world to spread the essence of Yoga as it is. On his way, he provides practical tools for everyone to connect with your inner peace and how to reflect this to the outside. It is the responsibility of all of us to contribute towards the upliftment of collective human consciousness, if we want to create a better place for us and coming generations.

So please spread this message among your friends and family, to celebrate this day together with beautiful people all connected!

PROGRAM Sunday July 8th, 2018

12:00-12:30 Walk in (tea)
12:30-13:45 Practical path to World Peace
13:45-14:00 break
14:00-15:15 Yoga as it is
15:15-15:30 break
15:30-16:45 Happy for no reason
16:45-17:15 Meet, greet, celebrate with a healthy ayurvedic drink

session 1: Practical path to World Peace

World peace is the outcome of the state of individual minds living together on this planet. If we look at the history of mankind, it’s unfortunate to recognize that, out of billions of days on this planet, we humans have not been able to live peacefully for even one single day. This is mainly due to a lack of practical experience of oneness. As one cannot learn swimming only by hearing an explanation in words, expression of peace won’t happen by merely talking about it. During this session, peace is experienced by an individual mind, contributing to the world peace. How? By practically being in an unconditional state of peace through oneness.

session 2: Yoga AS IT IS

When you are practicing Yoga, it is very important to bring the true essence of Yoga on the mat. Yoga as a subject survived already for many thousands of years. Practicing this authentic form of Yoga brings the transformation from within, by breaking all forms of mind patterns that make you to act in a confined way in day to day life. In the present world there are many styles of Yoga which have tried to take out a few drops from the source. If you wish to dive into the ocean of Yoga, just start here.

session 3: Happy for no reason

It is the habit of mind to search for something in particular to feel the state of contentment. But this state of search is like a never ending story. Instead of this, the mind can be trained to be happy for no reason, by nourishing the state of mind to be independent of any outer negative influence. This mature state will happen to mind by understanding certain deeper facts of life. Practical experience of this state, to be experienced in this session, makes you free from tensions and holdings.

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Eusebius, in the heart of the centre,
Kerkplein 1
6811 EB Arnhem

The Eusebius Church in the city centre of Arnhem is easily reachable by car and public transport (From Central station 15 min walk/1200 m). See www.eusebius.nl

Beside the regular parking garages www.centrumparkeren.nl/arnhem you can park “under the bridge”: www.facebook.com/DienstP7/

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