Spiritual retreat Tumkur, India

Unique four day spiritual retreat to Tumkur

Every year Yoga Gita organises a special four day Yogic Retreat to a village in South Karnataka, India. Staying amidst nature every participant can experience the life of a Yogi firsthand and witness the beautiful hills on the countryside. Held at a remote and quiet location – away from the city – this retreat has been a once in a lifetime experience for many.

About the location

The retreat takes place near Tumkur, about four hours drive from Mysore. Surrounded by rocky mountains and lush green forests, the village is historically known for being the abode of many Sages. The hills of this village are still home to Sages and Yogis, making it one of the best places for a Yoga practitioner to discover the Self and connect with the divine. The village is thinly populated with a peaceful and calm environment.

Getting to the retreat location

On the first morning of the retreat, participants gather at the Yoga Gita School in Mysore to begin their voyage to the village. On the way, they are introduced to the Indian culture, the Indian surroundings and beautiful views of the countryside.

Schedule of the retreat

The days will start early with a walk to one of the caves situated on a hill – our daily spot for practicing Yoga. These natural caves are not only beautiful, but also filled with amazing positive energy. Daily Yoga lessons in these caves will include the practice of posture, pranayama and meditation, combined with insightful lectures on Yogic Philosophy.

Included in the retreat is an excursion to an ancient cave situated atop a hill where Sages can still be found meditating. Participants can enjoy the scenery from the hilltop and experience meditation inside the Cave.

Upcoming dates

During August, December, and February the Tumkur retreat will take place. Check the agenda for the dates. Dates will be shared soon.

Information about the price

The price per person is Rs 25,000. Included in the retreat price is:

  • Yoga lessons in the caves
  • Excursion to an ancient cave during the retreat
  • Accommodation at a local guesthouse with basic rooms
  • Travel expenses
  • Sightseeing on the way to the destination (the village)
  • Vegetarian brunch and dinner
  • Arrangement for clean drinking water

We love to share this memorable meeting with ancient India

Through this retreat Yoga Gita wishes, from her heart, to give students a unique experience of living in an Indian village, experiencing meditation in caves and meeting Sadhus and Yogis. This retreat is a truly memorable meeting with the ancient Indian culture and philosophy in the land where the subject ‘Yoga’ has emerged.

Register for spiritual retreat to Tumkur by sending an email to info@yogagita.org or fill the below form and submit the same.


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