Melissa – The Netherlands June 11th, 2015

Hi my name is Melissa. I just want to say that I am really really thankful and grateful for being here and having the opportunity to learn from these great teachers. At yogagita they know what they talk about. In almost two weeks my whole concept of yoga have changed in a good way. I can see positive changes in my body and mind. FIRST NAME: Melissa LAST NAME: Ransdorp COUNTRY: The Netherlands CITY: Utrecht  ...

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Andjanie Bahorie – The Netherlands June 10th, 2015

My name is Andjanie Bahorie. I am from Delft. My experience is that Vijay teaches really authentic yoga. I am happy because he is giving with full heart. He doesn't mind if you ask twice or thrice. It is not pushing yourself. It is recomended :) FIRST NAME: Andjanie LAST NAME: Bahorie COUNTRY: The Netherlands CITY: Delft  ...

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Monique – The Netherlands June 13th, 2014

Hello, my name is Monique, from The Netherlands. I have just attended a 200 hours Yoga Gita Teacher Training Course in Agonda Beach. It was wonderful. Yoga is all about body, mind and breath, i feel that i benefit from all these aspects. I feel much stronger now. I can recommend it. Vijay is a wonderful teacher, he is authentic and very very wise, i can sincerely recommend it. Namaste. FIRST NAME : Monique LAST NAME : Waalkens ...

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Nanjaraje Urs – India March 11th, 2014

My name is P.V. Nanjaraje Urs, I have a doctorate, people call it as Doctor P.V. Nanjaraje Urs. I served Mysore University as a professor for 29 long years. After retirement, my philosophy is once a teacher always a student. Still i am studying as a student, I am doing some research work.I know Vijay from his childhood, his father and I were of the same age, we are very closely related, i have the same attachment towards him as though he is my ow...

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Marie-Pier Leclerc – Canada March 6th, 2014

My name is Marie-Pier, i am from Montréal, Canada, i have just attended a 200 hours Teacher Training Course with Yoga Gita and i wanted to talk about this great experience. I am a student in nursery sciences in university and i came to do this program with the idea of bringing another side of health approach, a more complete side, just not what is happening in your body but what is happening in your mind as well. What i discovered is that it was...

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Denise Bindels – The Netherlands March 6th, 2014

Yoga is the most beautiful way of living. To teach other people is to do it from your own experience and from your own heart, only then you know that you have the right approach to teach other people how you can live your life the way it fits you. The way Vijay Gopala is giving his lessons is through his heart only. It is really easy to follow, you have your own steps which you make in your own time. He gives you the nice experience and a peacefu...

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Sumati Nair – The Netherlands March 1st, 2014

I came to know Vijay Gopala through my friend in Leiden and i attended some of his workshops during his Europe Tour. Vijay has a very special approach to the practise of yoga which is necessary. What we call nowadays yoga in the west is more asana based. I miss very often the other aspects as breathing techics and meditation which is not incorporated in the practise of yoga. According to me Vijay brings all of these aspects in his teaching, which...

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Christa Toenhake – The Netherlands February 26th, 2014

Christa Toenhake – The Netherlands

My name is Christa, from the Netherlands. I am one of the students of the 200 hours Teacher Training Course (TTC) in Agonda, 2014. I subscribed for the course predominantly from the point of personal development. I wanted to develop my yoga and meditation practices further; get to know more about the background and experience a deeper meaning in the practice. This all to change my approach to life, how I live this life or how my life is lived, in...

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Els Thoen – The Netherlands November 14th, 2013

Els Thoen – The Netherlands

Nature has put Vijay on my path and I am thankful for that. He has lead me to discover the academical yoga philosophy and its practical methodology in its consistency beyond any yoga style which I practised before. The inner journey while practising became a real transformation process for me. Hence, becoming a yoga teacher under his guidance has made me evolve as a more complete person. His classes are always inspiring, his wisdom endless and ...

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Sri. Vijay Gopala is recognized as a Senior Yoga Teacher (SYT) with Yoga Alliance Professionals (YAP). This accreditation demonstrates excellent standards as set by YAP.