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Yoga Gita provides a unique approach that brings the science of consciousness to life. A very clear methodology which decodes the philosophy of traditional Indian scriptures and provides students with the complete essence of Yoga. This holistic approach creates a perfect harmony between the 5 sheaths of what you are made up of and allows the union between your Self expression with the expression of life. The understanding of Yoga is nothing but the understanding of life itself. Yoga Gita offers offline programs in South India and a variety of programs online.

Pancha Kosha Detox Retreat

JULY 1ST, 2024
"Reveal your true potential through a purification process with the 5 sheaths"
Sage ViGo


Sage ViGo (Sri Vijay Gopala) is a renowned Yogi from India. He is the founder of Yoga Gita having the main center near Mysore. He has studied Yoga from his father from a very young age; in addition to this he also has Masters degree in Philosophy and Masters degree in Yoga from different universities. He is a certified Senior Yoga teacher.

The Yoga Gita Experience
“ Yoga Gita offers a wide variety of programmes which are not yet listed on the website. Silent retreat, Yoga immersions, Sadhana programmes, cooking workshops, philosophy online sessions, One on one sessions with Sage ViGo, and more. It is also possible to design your own schedule and enjoy a few days in this serene and peaceful environment.”

Start Your Journey

The true intention of Yoga as a subject is to make you experience and express the true potential of Yourself. Whether you are new to Yoga or more experienced, all the programmes offered by Yoga Gita will support you in your evolutionary journey. In the programmes of Yoga Gita, a direct link is established between your practice on the mat and the core of the subject. Through this, you will be able to radiate health, love, peace, and happiness in your day-to-day life. Start your journey with Yoga Gita here, and view all the programmes.


Yoga Gita has brought a true approach to Yoga and how it should be conveyed to the public. The approach by Vijay and the team has shown there is more to Yoga than just the postures. I am glad to have had the opportunity to attend this retreat and how it changed my way of thinking and approaching Yoga, as well as everyday life.


This place is simply paradise, but not only by its look. It is paradise on each level of human experience - for your eyes, your ears, for your belly with all the amazing sattvic food coming from the garden, and mainly for your soul. Place where you can easily find peace, a beautiful community of inspiring people, deep teachings of yoga following a traditional path and a place where you can find a way back to yourself. I am very grateful for the opportunity to be here.


This place is wonderful. For all who wish to dive into the subject of Yoga, knowing the self, and a conscious way of living, this is the best place to be. Just to dive into life with the guidance of genuine spiritual teachers and a loving community. Love this place!!!


Best place to experience yoga as it was teached in ancient times.Vijay is such a wise Yogi and the Yoga Gita teachers are fabulous.The center is based in beautiful nature, the organic food is really delicious and the people who stay here are lovely ♡I would definitely recommend Yoga Gita!

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Karnataka, Bharath (South India)

Mysuru / Mysore

Karnataka, Bharath (South India)

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