Art and Science of Pranayama

Art and Science of Pranayama

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Prana, the life energy is the all pervading, expressive dimension of this creation. Aligning to this all pervading energy can be achieved through the practice of pranayama.

By aligning to life energy in its creative dimension you can rejuvenate your body, breath, mind, life wisdom and soul.

Throughout life we breathe in many different situations. The breath also happened out of shocks or emotions like fear or anger. This affects our way of breathing, which affects our energy, health and state of mind. Pranayama practice is to create the space where we will be expressing our true Self, free from past conditions, with openness, braveness and awareness. In this space, the breath can reset which positively influences our energy, improves health and harmonizes the mind. Maximize the quality of your life by breathing in a free way.

In the Art & Science of Pranayama Sage ViGo guides you through deep Pranayama practices from the background of Yogic science.

Philosophical background of Pranayama practices, its applicability to daily life and a variety of practical Pranayama techniques are offered by Sage ViGo. Questions can be asked during the session. Study & practice notes of the session will be shared after each session.

Everybody interested in exploring the science of Pranayama and benefiting from it is welcome to join. These sessions are especially beneficial for people who have an interest in Yogic breathing techniques, Yogic background behind Pranayama and a Yogic way of healing/life.

Brings a better health, equanimity in the state of the mind, more vitality and quickens the evolutionary journey.

DATES : Every 1st and 3rd Sunday of the month.

Online (through Google Meet)

6.30 pm - 7.30 pm IST

FEES : 1 class €10 | For Indians 1 class Rs 300

Register through or WhatsApp : +91 94823 00820


Karnataka, Bharath (South India)

Mysuru / Mysore

Karnataka, Bharath (South India)

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