Brahma Mouna | Any time & Any duration

Exploring the dimensions of silence

Brahma Mouna | Any time & Any duration

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If you wish to achieve something in life, the secret is your silence. Everything is available in this creation, are you available to receive it?

In this course of Brahma Mouna you can establish your availability to receive every abundance that you seek in this world through an approach of silence in its different dimensions. This is a very rare & unique course to experience the all pervading Self through various dimensions of Silence.

Exploring the silence is like exploring space. There is no end and beginning to it. In order to align to this infinite dimension bring the essence of that infinity into yourself with Brahma Mouna Retreat. 

This program is carefully designed for someone who likes to explore the silence in life which is also one of the secrets to achieving something in life. Silence brings you directly to the Self, effortlessly. True silence brings stability and is rejuvenating. Experience the power of silence with Yoga Gita in this programme.

In this program each day you will be exposed to a different dimension of silence through a guided instruction. This dimension of silence can be applied in your meditation posture practice, berthing practice (pranayama) and your day to day activity. Through this programme the normal silence which is usually due to an affected state of mind or due to a negative emotion is replaced by a contended state of being through the different dimensions of silence available in the universe.

  • The programme consists of several dimensions of silence that can be experienced over a period of time. Each day a new concept will be introduced and practiced to explore the different dimensions of silence so that the state of your beingness is constructed with the contribution of different forms of silences to bring an immense contentment through which you will realize the true potential of Yourself.  

    Two guided meditations will be provided in one day and the remaining time needs to be utilized by the individual to explore the dimensions of silence based on the guided meditation. 

    Daily activities such as gardening, Yoga classes and meditation give space to be silent in different dimensions. Free time can be spent by enjoying the riverside, the beautiful nature, reading, or being in the room.

    The course can be taken at a stretch or at any time and any day of the year as well. There is no specific days or time frame to complete the programme. Since this methodology of constructing oneself through different dimensions of silence is an eternal journey, you can enter the programme any day of the year and you can leave the program at any time and re enter any day of the year. Prior booking of the room for the specific days of the stay is required. 

Timing : 9:30 am to 5:30 pm

Food : 10:45 - Brunch ( Savic Food along with green salads) 

2:15 - Ayurvedic Drink + Fruit

4:45 - Dinner ( Savic Food along with green salads)

All Yoga Gita’s programmes are designed from the background to evolve and flourish the true Self. Brahma Mouna offers you a great opportunity for a real life change! 

We welcome anyone to study, experience and learn with us. No prerequisite needed. Brahma Mouna programme can be attended by teenagers from the age of 12 onwards. 

  • What are the outcomes / Benefits this programme provides to its participants?

    1. This programme will construct your state of being to the level that you are not affected by any situation of life and helps you to stay strong.
    2. Since you will be exploring different dimensions of silence that will reflect in the state of the body, a deeper relaxation happens to your physical state which brings immense health benefits.
    3. Since everything comes out of silence, exploring the dimensions of silence makes one efficient to reach the source of manifestation.
    4. It prepares oneself for the readiness to be anything and everything. One’s state of beingness can be compared to clay. A clay has the capacity to take any form and shape but a clay by itself has no form and shape of its own. It can be brought to any particular form and shape. In the same way intuitively one would gain the strength to bring the best possible expression of themself in any situation of life.
    5. All the tensions, worries,sadness we experience is due to the fear of losing something, but through this program a true realization will happen that one has nothing to lose or nothing is an absolute need to continue the journey of life because you are enriched with different dimensions of silence and become purely independent and free from all holdings.
    6. This programme helps oneself to get rid of karmic imprints.

Brahma Mouna could be booked any time. 

Please contact us for convenient dates for you. Feel free to reach out to us for details through / +91 9482300820.

Mode of Delivery : Offline Residential - Any time, and any duration

Periodicity: Any time of the year.


All fees are based on an online transfer.

* To reserve a spot in the programme, a reservation fee of € 100 is required. This fee is not refundable. 

** For Indians special fees are applicable, please contact us for the offers. 

Feel free to reach out to us for more information through / +91-9482300820.

The fees for the Brahma Mouna programme start from ₹ 3,500 / Day for Indians and from € 70 / Day for Non - Indians. 

This includes the food: Two wholesome, vegetarian and healthy meals per day. Consisting of freshly made sattvic food with mainly vegetables and pulses from our organic garden.

Drinks : Nourishing soup is served in the morning and refreshing juice in the afternoon.

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